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CatchAll Environmental - We're Just Better at Stormwater

We are innovators.  We see the issues around stormwater and stormwater compliance differently than our competitors.  While other companies and organizations are providing a reactive solution, CatchAll Environmental is looking deeper into the issues to try to answer the questions that are at the heart of the challenge of clean stormwater runoff.

For instance, while our competitors were driving vactor trucks up and down the roads looking for storm systems to clean, CatchAll Environmental invented and patented the Catch-All® Storm Drain Maintenance Insert to allow the cleaning of catch basins to be quick, easy, and inexpensive.  The result is that we can keep the catch basin, the first line-of-defense in stormwater quality, continuously clean at a fraction of the price of vactor service.

While some site owners scramble to find their compliance paperwork to provide to their site inspector, CatchAll Environmental provided our client portal, providing instant access to the most up-to-date documents regarding your stormwater system through the power of the cloud.
While our competitors were busy trying to understand your storm system, CatchAll Environmental employed a licensed professional engineer to educate you on the function and required maintenance of your storm system and even, if necessary, to design improvements to it.

While clients were tasked with working with three or more different companies in order to achieve stormwater compliance, CatchAll Environmental designed our full-service program, providing a clean stormwater system, all required paperwork, your catch basin markers, and even Professional Engineering support when necessary.  
While municipal inspectors were overrun by more inspection work than they could possibly handle, CatchAll Environmental designed and launched NPDESPro, the industry-leading private drainage system inspection software that reduces the municipal inspectors workload to a fraction of what it has been by automating much of the inspection process and follow-up communications required by the NPDES regulations.

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