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The Patented Catch-All®

Our Patented Catch-All® is what allows us to keep your system clean and compliant on an on-going basis for the same price or less than annual vactor service.  Instead of driving a huge, gas-guzzling, maintenance intensive vactor truck out to your site to suck out your catch basins, we bring a small truck and pull the Catch-All® by hand, ensuring that your catch basins, and the whole downstream system, stays cleaner longer.

Does it Work?

The Port of Tacoma hosted a 10-month test of the Catch-All® to determine its efficacy as a maintenance device.  The test supported the claim that the Catch-All® does indeed reduce the amount of sediment that can get downstream in your storm drain system.

The test was conclusive in showing that more frequent cleaning of catch basins removes more pollutants.  Cleaning the catch basin on a bi-monthly basis with the Catch-All® produced 61.7 pounds of pollutants, while the catch basin cleaned only once produced only 44.81 pounds.

Both catch basins experienced the same inflow of pollutants, but the catch basin that was cleaned only once had lost much of the pollutants it had collected to downstream systems.  Removing them from the downstream systems is a lot more costly than removing them from the catch basins.  

Our unique, comprehensive service means we can remove pollutants before they get into the costly downstream systems or, worse yet, discharge into our waterways.​

No other company can provide this product or our industry-leading, comprehensive service.

Scientific Report - The Value of More Frequent Clean-Out of Storm Inlets
Study of Catch-All Use at The Port of Tacoma